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10 August 2007 @ 09:05 am
Any other Couples out there?  
Hi All!

Last week I posted to my personal journal asking if any of my local friends wanted to meet up in real life and got only 1 or 2 responses.

I've joined Kupple.com - nothing. I've joined Couplets.com - nada.

Then a Mod from one of the bay area communities approached me and suggested that I ask around in the communities. Well I didn't exactly know how to approach this and that got me thinking...

So I created a community bayareacouples for this purpose. I am not going to go around all of LJ promoting this community or "pimping it out" but I wanted to ask if anybody in this community might be in a couple - married, engaged, long term, whatever! And might want to join my community to arrange for couple type activities.

I am just looking to make some new friends and get out there and enjoy all of what the Bay Area has to offer with some good company.

Maybe if you are interested in meeting with me and other couples in the bay area you can join the community and we can work on arranging an activity.

X-posted to bay area related communities.